5 Tools Used To Track the Social Media Activity for Marketing

It is the age of social media marketing due to which every brand and business is on the social media to increase their brand or business opportunity to increase the audience of the respected brand and also in terms of increasing the value of that brand or business. There are many different ways to advertise and market the content; each way has their own importance. Each way has to be performed in a way that it has a maximum impact for marketing. That is why it is important to research about the business or brand.

Research will help the advertisers to know about the users that what do Followers on Instagram and facebook want to change about the brand, what do they expect from the brand. This allows the advertisers to post ads more and more to identify the users behaviour in terms of experiencing the brands. For identifying the behaviour it is important to view the data regarding the advertisements and the users’ experience. Analyzing the data will help to support the marketing campaigns. There are different tools to use that will help the advertisers to analyze all the data regarding the activities of the advertisement campaigns.

The first social listening tool is the Awario, this tool allows the user to manage the social media accounts and also by letting the users to have extra selling features will help the users to sell more. The second social listening tool is the Keyhole which is used to track the activities of the users regarding their experience with the brands like the hash-tags being used for different brands and businesses, more specifically of products and services. This tool helps you to track keywords from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. There will also be blogs, news, websites and forums being tracked through keywords which are being used to describe the specific brand or specifically a product or a service. The third tool for viewing the whole social media activity is the Mention. This tool tracks all the activities from the web, social media accounts, blogs and forums. All these activities are tracked through keywords.

Another tool is the Brandwatch which is professional tool for analyzing the data and the activities regarding anything related to the brand or business. Everything from social media accounts, websites, blogs and forums’ activities will be monitored. This tool will create you reports and give difference insights regarding the analyzed data. This helps the brands in a effective way for increasing the value of the brand or business.

Last social listening tool is the TalkWalker. This professional tool is used by the enterprises and corporations. This tool allows the users to gather large amount of data, analyzing the data and help the users to create different moves for setting up their social media marketing campaigns in such a way that it helps the business to grow in the digital world. It also allows the users to merge their reports with the Google Analytic to add more perspectives related to advertisement, social media marketing, trends etc.

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