6 Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube

It is true that the people like visual content over text content. People spend more than half time of a day watching videos on YouTube.yes, you read that right. Nowadays we use YouTube in daily basis. YouTube is the second after google in terms of searches. People like visual solution of their problem so they search on the YouTube. That is why YouTube become that much popular. If you are a youtuber and want, more views in your views you have to optimise your video in a proper manner in other words you have to do the SEO of your YouTube. In YouTube over 100 hours of videos is uploaded every minutes.

Things to Take Care to Get Higher Ranking on YouTube

Before going in to the SEO of the YouTube. YouTube also considered the same way. YouTube need a quality unique content to rank on the particular keywords. To get ranking on the YouTube you have to keep things on your mind. Number of views that your videos is getting. Number of likes and dislikes of the video you are getting and most importantly the higher number of share of your video the higher the chances to get higher ranking on your desired keyword. How many subscriber you are getting and how many times your video is embedded and place in a website. As you can see, there are lot of factor you have to take care to get higher ranking. Also you can study about digital marketing course.

6 Ways to Get Higher Ranking on YouTube


Title of your video should be short according to the SEO point of you. Title should be attractive and grab people’s attention. In addition, use keyword in your title. Remember do not do the keyword stuffing it will harm your video SEO.


Keyword is also essential for your website and video also. With the help of keyword, they can easily find you on YouTube. You have to do the video keyword research also.


Description should be clear and your keyword should be in the description of your video. It is very important that you add the keyword on the description that will help the google crawler to rank you better in the search ranking in YouTube. It is very important because the google bot cannot list to or read the tone of the keyword. So you have to add keyword in your description.


Backlinks is very important if you want to rank higher on YouTube search. Creating and linking with authority pages will help, you rank better. If someone write or give link on their blog or use the embedded video on the website, it will help you to rank higher your video on the YouTube search results.