Are You Travelling With Kids? Get These Best Apps on Your Smartphone

As soon as the summer season begins, many families plan their Holiday along with the kids. Whether you choose to go by plane, car, train or any other means, you would need to ensure that your kids are comfortable and occupied during the journey.

This is not an easy task. However, today with tablets and smartphones, it is easier to download exciting apps on these gadgets. So, before hitting the road, make sure you stock up your smartphone with several kid-friendly apps, and let your kids enjoy the Holiday fully. In the following article, we have enlisted some favourite applications for kids on travel.


Talking Colouring-in Book

This is a fun app, which teaches letters, numbers and colour recognition by using animation, music, art, voices and sound effects. With this app, your little ones could choose to paint pictures using touch functions. It just requires a tap and the blocks are coloured! It makes a wonderful, easy and funny game for toddlers. The app also includes summer holiday pictures like seaside sandcastles, which adds to your kid’s enjoyment.

Hay Day

Kids are attracted to the nature. With ‘Hay Day’, they will stick to your smartphone to enjoy working in the farm, rearing cows, chickens, sheep and pigs. The application turns more realistic, when your toddler produces harvest and trades it with his friends into the Farmer’s Market. This is the best app for toddlers to know about the food provenance, but make sure you disable the in-app buy mode for this app to avoid hefty accidental bill.


This is the most popular family card game. You can play with your friends online or simply compete in the tournament mode, match numbers and colours with your beloved cards. Set the multiplayer mode to make it a bit challenging for your kid.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

The kids loving ‘Despicable Me’ series will surely like this app. The app features Gru’s gibberish-speaking, loyal, yellow minions with all the recognizable locations and sounds. Your kid will love to play as a minion and fight with others to impress their boss Gru. Dodging the obstacles, collecting bananas and other tricky levels make this game more playful.

Travel Bingo

If your toddler is tired of lengthy roadways and a very little scenery, Travel Bingo will certainly keep them occupied. It will engage your kid with road signs, livestock, vehicles and some other on-road markers. To win the game, he needs to spot all the markers.

Fun Felt Games

This app is best for kids under the age of five. Kids can learn by playing different snap, pattern matching and card-turning games with multi-coloured cards. It features fun graphics, cute animations with felt texture, and charming sound enlivens the game. All in all, it is a creative game with which you can keep your children busy.

The road trips are low deposit holidays 2014, so equip yourself to keep your kids busy with their favourite games. This would help you a lot!

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