Benefits of SAP Mobile Platform for Enterprises

SAP Mobile Platform is reshaping the way we have been doing business. It is a mobile enterprise application platform that simplifies the way you create apps that connect business data to mobile devices in carrying out daily operations. You can instantly build and deploy apps that help your customers and employees remain connected.

It doesn’t matter what mobile strategy you have, this mobile application development platform can help make it a reality. It can facilitate you in developing, deploying and customising apps, which could be hosted internally or on the cloud.

Some of the main features of SAP Mobile Platform include:

  • Drag and drop HTML5 apps
  • Reusable components
  • Customizable apps

Similar to most other mobile enterprise app platforms, SAP Mobile Platform offers cross-platform development environment. This SMP allows you to create apps and run them on any mobile platform.


SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Edition

The SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Edition takes the on-demand mobile solution to the next level. It allows you to develop and deploy high-quality business to an employee, B2C, and custom online enterprise mobile apps in the cloud. It eliminates the need for having on-premise maintenance.

It is also referred to as Mobile as a Service or MaaS. It offers more security and better connectivity to the end user, even when they are on the go.

The SAP Mobile Platform like offers different levels of authentication systems. It also provides push notification services on all the leading mobile clients. You can also continue using your current enterprise identities for authentication. On the Cloud, the system provides wide-ranging but simple, administration, reporting, monitoring, and troubleshooting for the admin.

Benefits for Mobile Application Developers

SAP Mobile Platform allows you to customise client application easily and instantly without making code changes. This environment will help you save lots of time. All you have to do is upload the customization files within the admin portal.

If you have a retailing app, it will have to communicate with the server. Besides, end users need to get real-time notifications of the latest offers and discounts. SAP Mobile Platform Cloud allows you to send out push notifications across all the leading mobile platforms including iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Simple & Efficient Admin Portal

SAP Mobile Platform Cloud also offers an easily navigable and capable admin portal. It comes with Intelligent Monitoring and Comprehensive troubleshooting for managing different functionality. You can perform various functions like application configuration, extensive log-in, usage stats, monitoring and administration using the portal.

The platform also enables anonymous user access. It permits users to interact with all the provided services without the need for self-authentication. This feature is especially beneficial in B2C situations such as incident reporting and catalogue browsing.

SAP Mobile Platform offers an immense range of authentication schemes like Client Certificate Authentication, Single Sign On, Siteminder authentication, and Basic authentication. You can use the authentication schemes based on the needs or preference of the customer. It offers a high level of security as access is provided only to authenticated users.