Google Apps Backup Tool to Take Backup Google Apps Account

What can be more endearing than availing services of Google with your own domain name? Asa user of Google Apps, you must be well aware of the entire range of cloud services provided to facilitate your work. However, data over cloud has been always considered within bounds of possibility in risk. Considering the recent Outages of Google, people often find it considerable to opt for backup solutions so as to keep data near their hand.

With hordes of solution around, are you really confused over finding out the right one? Well I do have a solution to recommend and that is Google Apps Backup tool. Interestingly, I came across this product over internet and I am sure it will suit the requirement of users. So, here I present you a complete review of this amazing product.

Before going onto the installation process, let us assay its technological specs which gave me the very impression that it’s definitely worth a try.

Elite Specs

Product Details– Google Apps Backup Tool, Version 3.0
Downloading Address–
Size of the application– 16.9 MB
Available at Price– $49
Supports OS– Windows 8.1 & all other earlier versions
Processor Requirement– 1 GHZ
Space Requirement– 10MB

Guide about Installation

Usually I always prefer to review the software without going into details of installation process and I continued to keep the same logic here too. The Google Apps Backup application can be downloaded from the website of . The freeware version of this software is available for users to get a depth about its working.

Getting Under the Hood

To get a better knowledge about the scope of this backup application. Let us get into some of its highlighted features

  • Backup emails, documents, calendars, contacts
  • No such file size limitation while backing up data
  • Supports multiple ways of creating backup
  • Save contacts & calendars in latest file formats

After successfully installing the product, you can immediately start with backup process by initiating the software. The detailed approach is given below


Then click on the option Backup in the welcome screen.


Functionality Aspects of Product

Get a clear idea of the working of Google Backup tool by analyzing its features one by one.

Backup in 3 Convenient Ways

You can take backup in three appropriate methods

  • Account related to single user
  • Account related to multiple user
  • Backup of domain account

Let’s get a view of how it provides the mechanism of backup in each of the case

Single User Account: Here, user is required to provide login username & password of his account to take backup concerning to the Google Apps data.

Multiple User Account: Here, you just have to use little tactic to make your work easier. Maintain the credentials of multiple users on a csv file, and then proceed for taking backup of data in a bulk some process.

Domain User: In this case, you have to furnish login credentials of the concerned administrator for backing up data from any individual account of any one domain.


Note: it must be clearly noted down that you need to enable your IMAP while backing up data.

Support for Multiple File Formats

The software extends its adaptability in providing users the option to backup emails in MSG, PST, MBOX and EML file formats. Depending on your usability, you can any of the file formats to take your backup of Google Apps account related emails. Further, to allure with its eminent functionality, the software also supports to take backup of calendars and contacts in Outlook PST file format.


Backup & Delete your Emails

Keeping into consideration, the user concerns in dealing with a cluttered or messy inbox, the utility provides an advanced enhancebility to provide you with a favorable option. The “delete after download” option allows you to delete away your emails after they are appropriately backed up on the system.


Option to Pause and then Resume Backup

Users can well enjoy the benefit of the feature ‘pause and then resume that allows them to put their backup process to pause and then again resume the service in the event of discrepancies in internet connectivity.

Get a Complete Progress Report

The application provides you with the details of progress in Backup process. You will get to view the ongoing progress picture including the counts of emails, calendar and contacts.This report will help you out to keep tab on the ongoing progress.

Go in for Free Testing

The software entitles you with the facility to download the trial version of Google Apps backup utility to understand its basic functioning. However, with the demo version, user can backup only 25 items/folder.


  • Backup data in multiple ways
  • Allows you to select a specific time interval and exports only the data that lies between those time ranges.
Concluding up

Ending it up, I would like to give it a performance rating of 9/10 in terms of overall performance. Looking at the range of bevy options it renders to users, it is quite affordable and reasonably prompt to let you have the backup in an expedite approach. There is no doubt that Google App Backup tool arguably acquires the top notch position in fulfilling the requirements of best backup device for Google Apps data.