How to convert Quicken to QuickBooks?

Quicken is one of the most preferred and frequently employed financial accounting and management application software launched by Intuit. In order to enrich the features that users can use with the data file, they have the option of converting their Quicken data to QuickBooks which would enable them use the features of QuickBooks. In addition to that, the data file can be imported again to any system and thereby removes the system dependency nature of the application.

Before proceeding with the conversion process of Quicken to QuickBooks, users must ensure that the below mentioned aspects are taken care of:-

  1. Quicken must not be of a newer version as compared to QuickBooks. For example, Quicken version 2010 cannot be converted to the 2009 version of QuickBooks.
  2. There is no way that a Quicken data file can be directly converted to QuickBooks online. The transition process has to be via QuickBooks desktop. Therefore, users in such cases have to convert the Quicken file to QuickBooks desktop, and then proceed to QuickBooks online.
  3. It is always advisable for users to make sure that they have Windows version 98 or above installed in the system that they are using for the conversion process.

Now, once the above conditions are taken care of, users can browse the detailed steps of transforming a Quicken data file to QuickBooks in the online customer support portal which is hosted. They are also free to connect to the Quicken Customer Service team seeking help and guidance on the conversion process.

The step wise procedure that users need to follow for converting Quicken to QuickBooks are mentioned below for reference:-

Step 1 – Firstly, users need to ensure that they have the latest updated version of both Quicken and QuickBooks installed in the same system

Step 2 – Once, the updated installation is complete, users are required to note the A/R account in Quicken prior to starting the QuickBooks application

Step 3 – Users then need to initiate the QuickBooks desktop application

Step 4 – From the available set of options, click on the File menu and then from the dropdown, click on Utilities

Step 5 – Post that the option ‘Convert’ needs to be selected followed by the source of selection which would be ‘From Quicken’

Step 6 – Now, users need to use the file chooser to select the appropriate Quicken file which needs to be converted

Step 7 – Once selected, users can click on ‘Open’

This would convert the selected Quicken data file, to QuickBooks.