How to Select the Best Plan to Create Your Website?

With digitalization of business, the importance of floating it on the internet has become indispensable. You can have as few as one employee, but your website needs to be visible to get the business you are aiming for. If you are trying to create an internet presence for your business and do not own a server, you will be in need of a webhost and a server.
The basis of selection of this “virtual storing” or a server that is most suitable for your business website depends upon the a) scale of your business, b) the amount of security you require and c) the data that you need to store and access.

The basic few types of servers that are available are:

  • Dedicated servers are those that are kept for a specific site and therefore are expensive. They are capable of storing and transferring huge amount of data and provide tight security of information. Usually meant for business where the website traffic is huge and need customized features that cannot be shared with others.
  • Shared servers are obviously less expensive as they are shared by several clients having similar interests.
  • Virtual Private Servers are meant for those who need something more than shared hosting. Customers who opt for this type of servers have a CPU, RAM and a Hard Disk dedicated to store their resources separately, although the main server is shared with others.
  • Reseller Hosting– This specific service is meant for those who own multiple websites and those who want to market their own webhosting companies.
  • The latest kind of service in this market is Cloud Hosting. It is more scalable than the rest of the others and allows more flexibility to the Cloud account holders.

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There are multitudes of web hosting companies in the market, some new and some serving from the last few decades. The success and selection of each of these companies to serve as your webhost will depend upon certain factors like:

  • Reliability-: The uptime of the servers of the webhosting company matter a lot for its account holders. In spite of the promises that are usually made, no one can be as perfect as they claim to be. The reliability of a company is thus quite relatable to the stars that it obtains from its users. A webhosting company that is rated with 4 stars can be considered to be more than just satisfactory.
  • Features: Most of the webhosting companies will offer features that are generally not much needed. On the other hand you might need something very specific that not every host will offer. So the selection of a company will depend upon the plans and features that they are offering and their utility for your website.
  • Support: Although this is very complex to estimate the efficiency of customer care, as it varies from person to person, attending the problem, a vague idea of the quality of service can be obtained from the user reviews.
  • Price: The price or the charges of the servers is of much importance while selection a web hosting company. Many offer free site builder, and there are others who offer large discounts on annual rental charges. Thus, the best company will be one that meets your requirements and has cheap rental plans.

Selection of the right plan for your website is important as it impacts the traffic of your business. Before making the decision to find out the best webhosting plans, you need to know the necessity of your business.

  1. Evaluate its nature – whether it is informational, a photo blog, business etc
  2. The amount of traffic that you expect
  3. The amount of data and resources that you need.

Once these are clear, visit the sites of the various we bhosting companies and research on the basis of the points discussed above. You will find a handful of plans that meets your needs. Choose one among these best web hosting plans that suits your budget and get your website on its way.

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