How to Write High Quality Articles with These 5Time-SavingTools

It is said that. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ That can also be said while keeping writing in context. What writers write they have to take full responsibility for what they pen down. So writing can be a tedious task. Well, we have got the solution to make this task an easy one. We have researched and come up with time-saving tools for writing. They can proofread, check grammar and spellings and also are available online and offline. You can access and check documents anytime and on any device. These tools can be a blessing for any writer. Whether you are a storywriter, freelancer, blogger or helping students by putting up college paper for sale, these tools can help anyone anywhere. So, let’s start listing them:

Google Docs

This is the most widely used tool around the globe these days. It’s an all in one and all for one tool. Simple, fast and has variations set according to the user’s needs. It is also compatible with almost any document. You can easily create one by logging onto.Using this tool we access, correct and make changes in our documents anytime. Be it writing, slideshows or blogs; the tool supports everything. We can create a document directly,and it works exactly like MS word. We have all formatting, sharing, online, offline options within the tool. This is a must-havethe tool and should be used by writers for their benefits. Name any company today; it uses Google docs for even minute work, so much is the effectiveness of this tool.

Ginger for chrome

This tool is an absolute time saver for proofreading and checks even intimate mistakes in ago. We proofread with our naked eyes,and sometimes even our brain gets convinced for the wrong grammar sentence sounding right. But with this tool we can relax as it checks and gives us grammatically correct written options for the one, we have written. So, the tool is a blessing in disguise for proofreading and saves ample time. You can download the tool in chrome anytime. Writers can draft articles on this tool,and it also gives auto correction for grammar and spellings.So, just start writing in this tool and save time and efforts.

Ahrefs- SEO tool

This tool is used when you have to write articles to bring in traffic. When your articles majorly concentrate on SEO content,and you have a pressure to use the correctkeywords, the tool will definitely save your time searching the right keywords and establishing traffic. This tool helps you to analyze the keywords that others are using and also to measure the specific demandof a particular keyword. It compares millions of websites and provides you with the list of the desired keyword in the desired field. You can create an account and start right away. It also does a backlink search and makes sure your website or article gets the traffic you want. You do have to pay for membership,but that cost does save lots of personal efforts.


This tool is another lifesaver for grammar checking. The Internet claims that it checks grammar clichés 10 times better than any word processor. Writers have been using this tool and are very happy with it.It also does plagiarism checking very intricately.

So,if you are proofreading, this tool can be beneficial to recheck before you self-publish anything. It also checks if you have been using the same words too often and works as a vocabulary enhancer. It checks spellings and grammar for free but if you want to use its extended and premium services they a bit chargeable. But we would say time is money, so this tool is all worth it.


Last but not the least, this tool is a bit complicated to learn. But once you take time and start using it, it is all to your benefit. When using this tool, you write, edit, proofread and save all your varied documents in one place. You can also log on and access, send, mail them anytime anywhere. This tool can convert your writings into eBook formats for Google, Kindle, Amazon and many more. That’s the basic difference between this tool and the Google docs tool. Well, this feature also has many formatting options and exclusively designed for writers. Whatever you have researched is always at hand with this tool. You can do background checks with your own articles and compare them before writing.The interface is specially designed for writers. It’s a real writer-friendly app.

To conclude, these are the five tools we have researched and jotted down for all the writers. We assure you that these will be of great help for all types of writing. Some are paid,and some are free but once you figure out which oneswork the best for you, just go for it! After all, the most important part is to ensure you writing is A class,and these tools could help you write more correctly and effectively than ever before. Hope we have helped the writers in some way. Many of the essay writers on use these tools today to provide you with their best writings.The Internet is full on with numerous online tools that you could leverage on for drafting a content online, so go ahead and start exploring the one that works for you.