Innovative Blogging Styles to Be Used By the Experts Today

Blogging is fun and trendy. There are multiple ways to create a blog and different freelancers adopt innovative ideas to make it impressive. Here eight most popular types of blogs have been discussed that you might have not tried earlier. You could also find detailed information about these blogging styles on

  • The personal reflection
  • Character development
  • How to blogs
  • Muckraker
  • Genial authority
  • Newbie
  • Iconoclast
  • The content curator
All about the Curator Blog

In the content curator blog, you can find multiple extracts and paragraphs from different websites that users will like to read. You can choose the newsworthy and informative post from any popular website. Now you can add your editorial taste to make it more creative for the users. Curating the content has become quite popular these days. The users love to read different opinions on the same post.


The newbie writer does not know more than any reader. They will try new things, fail without losing anything and try to produce the best posts. Moreover, they will be closer to the readers and share their experience pretty well.

The iconoclast might not match with the temperament of all the writers. You need to have a special quality and confidence to create such blogs. The writers will draw attention towards the failing of their competitors. Moreover, they will poke larger actors will higher standards in their blogs.

The Muckraker Style

Muckraker is the best form to write the social blogs on topics like corruption, environmental issues, poverty to name a few. It will help you to gather more audience. The books obviously offer great info on such topics. However, while creating the blogs you focus more on the news.

Genial authority is the best way to write blogs for the experts. In fact, many professionals use this method to make the readers aware of social and economic topic. You do not have to be preachy while writing such blogs. You can conveniently write many posts in the field of expertise. Moreover, you can even answer the frequently asked questions by readers and concentrate on the basics.

If you are going to launch a book or even series, create a character development blog. You could even add variations to make this style of blogging innovative, unique and interesting. The ‘how to’ blogs are quickest way to create unique and informative blogs. The users can easily find you through the search engines.

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