Repair Your Cell Phone Instead of Trashing

In our fast paced world, many of us believe that if something breaks it is best to throw it away and purchase a new one. Less hassles, costs, and of course time are the top reasons. This may not be as true as you might think. Having your cellphone repaired instead of purchasing a new one will actually save you time as you will still have all the data on the phone and will have to gather it all over again which will save time. The costs of repairing your cell phone are normally cheaper than buying a new one. Having your cell phone repaired will not create as many hassles as you might think as well. As long as you use a professional that is experienced you will only have to give them the cell phone and then pick it up when repaired.

Let’s look at the details of repairing your cell phone instead of trashing it.


The truth is buying a new cell phone will often cost at least $500. If you need a screen replaced it is usually no more than $150, of course this is according to the tech that you use to replace the screen. Before you just throw your cell phone away, it is in your best interest to talk with a tech to learn how much it will cost to repair the phone. You may be completely surprised at the savings.

Saving the Planet

We all know the importance of saving the environment. Our precious cell phones are not bio degradable. When they are placed in landfills, chemicals seep into the earth. Animals that call the area home can be harmed by the chemicals that are released into the earth as well as the dangers that it poses to the earth itself. If the cellphone cannot be repaired it is a good idea to sell it to a company that recycles the parts instead of tossing it in the trash as well.

Helping Mississauga

By using a small business owner for cell phone repair in Mississauga you are actually helping your local economy. By using a professional in your own town, you are putting money back in your local town. Any time you use a small business owner even if they are part of a large corporation, you are still helping the economy in your own town grow.

Saving Time

If you purchase a new cell phone consider the hours it will take to add all of your data on the new device. In most cases, a repair shop will be able to have your cell phone fixed in no more than 24 hours according to their workload. This means you will not have to worry about adding of your information on a new phone as it will still be intact on the one that is being repaired.