Role of Android Apps in the Business Environment

It is no doubt the Android phones are extremely familiar in the market for their amazing apps and the wonderful benefits of android apps makes the users to fall for it. Multiple options are offered by them and users do not have difficulty in finding out the android apps suitable for them.

Positive Impact on Business


Initially android apps were utilized only for entertainment purposes, but with the incredible role played by it business, it is now understood that they can make a great impression in any business and brings in positive results.

Android applications have increased terrifically in the recent years and as it is an open source market it permits dealers and developers to take their applications straightly to the potential audience.

Benefits of Using Android Platform in Business
  • Open source platform of this software assure higher flexibility
  • If compared to IOS cost of hardware is really considerable
  • Outstanding Google apps integration
  • Smartphone’s and tablet of android 4.0 provide unfailing user interfaces

At present it has the prevalent market share in Smartphone’s, which means these applications are already in use.

These different benefits lead to the rushing of android phones into both small and large sized business.

Security Features


In terms of security and management features, android phones have improved their profile and standing ahead of its competitors. Some of the highlighted security features of this software include,

  • Device lock
  • Password protection
  • Data encryption

This allows business to allow their employees to select the device of their choice as there is no risk in the data and system. There are certain steps that business should make use of if they are in the idea of implementing android devices for their business and assures them safety of using the devices.

Do not Avoid Personal Devices


If personal devices are allowed there may be options that any of the people concerned in the business may be already using such device. If dependable advice on, how to handle personal devices at work is learned it can offer immense benefits. Skilled IT department is also a better way to make sure on the security of business.

Google Apps to Control Android Security Policies


With the implementation of Google apps device policy, it is probable to ensure or assist in enforcing the security policies on the android apps. Some of the enforced security policies include,

  • Locking idle device
  • Fixing password requirements
  • Wiping lost or stolen devices
  • Implement Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With this solution, it allows business to observe, deal with and support android and several other devices. It is commonly accomplished through a central console that permits distant access and updates. An extensive range of MDM products are accessible in the market and it includes Juniper, MobileIron and Trellia. It is better to make wide research and find out an integrated solution other than using variety of tools.

Know about these essential steps and make sure to implement android for the success of business.

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