Smartphone Applications That Are Making Heads Turn

Almost every day a smartphone application comes to market. While some help you with medical issues, there are others for entertainment, learning, health, and religion. Truly, there’s an app for almost everything. Do you regret not getting information regarding recently launched applications? Not anymore! Given below is a short discussion about the recently designed and released applications:


    • Solar Walk: This recently application features an awesome interactive 3D map of the solar system. This application provides detailed models of our Milky Way galaxy. With the help of this app, you can take a tour of all the planets in our solar system. You can gather information on almost anything celestial, from planets, moons, and stars to lunar and solar eclipses. It is a cross-platform app that is available in both iOS and Android versions.
    • Farmville 2: Everyone is familiar with the popular game Farmville. This week Zynga launched the latest Farmville 2 to its list of launched games. This game can be downloaded using iOS and Android devices. It includes offline and single-player modes.

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  • Frontback: It is an Aston Kutcher backed application that has landed newly in the Android and iOS market recently. It is an app that has been designed for “selfies with context”. Within a week of its release it has reached a million users. With the help of this app, you can capture with both front and rear-facing cameras. You can also share your images on social media.
  • Beamly: Rebranding of the second-screen application Zeebox resulted in Beamly. The app uses Zeebox channel guide and tools to interact with fans in real-time. It gives the viewers a new way to interact with their favorite shows, even when they are not watching TV. It is a fun app that is available on Android and iOS.
  • Tempo Smart Calendar: It is a powerful update to the best and most popular iOS calendar. Tempo Smart Calendar made conference calls simpler. You can now dial to conference calls without leaving the app. It recognizes conference calls from your calendar history. It lets you dial in and enter security pin with just a tap!
  • IFTTTapp: “If This Then That” is an app that has been in the news since its launch in the year 2010. However, recently the developer company has worked on its sensor devices. This app allows other apps to communicate with each other through “recipes”. Wondering what are “recipes”? These are simple conditional statements that sync with your social media profiles. Thus, the app performs certain automated functions like texting the weather and auto-saving your tagged pictures to Dropbox.
  • Breeze: It is a fitness app that is targeted towards the non-athletes. Surprised? This newly launched app tracks activity not just during exercises, but also during your daily activities. It keeps tabs on your movements throughout the day and sets activity goals. Thus, you get detailed data on your progress that you can use to stay fit.

So, these are some of the apps that have come in news recently. If you want to download any of these do make sure to do it. You can also wait sometime for more apps to launch. One unique app that is in the line is DIVII – English video dictionary. Hope, it could also make its mark in the world of apps.

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