Social Media Marketing – What Platforms Will You Use?

When you are developing a social media strategy, you will have a range of different social media platforms to choose from – each offering you a unique way to connect with your customers. The ideal strategy will bring several different methods together in order to create a strategy that covers all the bases.

The more innovative you are when interacting with your customers, the more opportunities you will have to build a strong connection. Social media, HK and anywhere else, will not only help to build your brand and increase your exposure, it will also improve your SEO.


Facebook continues to be the largest social media website in the world, making it a great opportunity to interact with your readers. When using Facebook, don’t be afraid to post a lot – even up to 10 to 20 updates per day. This won’t make your fans feel bombarded, because the average fan will only have a 5% chance of seeing your post due to the way that the Facebook newsfeed works.

Also, Facebook allows you to create ads that you can target toward a specific demographic. This means that you will be able to send your message to the people who are most likely to be interested in your business.



Twitter is another social media network that allows you to reach a specific demographic. It has recently launched a feature called “Tailored Audiences” which allows markets to fine-tune who they are targeting. Also, Twitter allows markets to target individuals who have visited their site before, which allows them to send follow up marketing to an audience that is likely already interested.

Another interesting aspect of Twitter that you can take advantage of is Twitter chats. This is a live event where users can use hashtags to have a discussion about a topic. Twitter chats allow users to ask you questions and give you an opportunity to connect in real time with your customers.


Youtube has been steadily growing and is becoming a significant player in terms of social media promotion. According to statistic from Nielsen, traditional TV viewing is only up 0.2% over last year while internet video viewing is up 35% and mobile video viewing went up 20%. Are you making the most of the marketing opportunity that Youtube offers?

The video sharing website has also been improving their analytics reporting over the last few months, so that you can observe how your videos are performing and plan your content strategy.

This will help you to understand your users and figure out what they watch. You can also understand if the demographic that you are reaching matches with your target audience or whether you need to tailor your promotion strategies differently.

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