The Green Light: How To Keep Traffic Moving Through Your Website

Business in the modern age is a technological affair. In the past, you could sit back and let word of mouth do the talking. Now, you don’t stand a chance unless you’re ahead of the game on the technology front. That’s why any company should do its best to squeeze more out of its website at every turn. In many ways, websites have overtaken shop fronts as the face businesses. And, as customers through the doors were once an indicator of success, views to your site are now crucial. The more who visit your site, the more business you do. And, the more views you get, the more you stand to get through higher page ratings and again, word of mouth. So, how can you ensure traffic to your site doesn’t stall?

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As mentioned above, ranking high in search engine results is the best chance you have of increasing traffic. In turn, higher traffic means that you’ll automatically rate higher. But, how do you get up there in the first place? Google only offer high rankings to sites which are reliable, informative, and relevant. And, the way they judge that is in both content and the number of links to your site which appear elsewhere. If other sites are sharing, or linking to your content, they’re acting like guarantors. They’re putting faith in your content. And, the more people with belief in you, the more likely Google are to listen. Sounds simple, but it can be tough if you’ve never done anything like this before. You could attempt to contact companies yourself. A like for like policy often works wonders here. Or, you could hire SEO services to do the hard work for you. That way, you can rest easy that you stand the best chance of success. A company who do this on a daily basis are sure to know the best tips and tricks!


We all talk about how important social media is for business. But, does anyone understand why? If you’re a novice, the chances are you don’t have a clue. Having a social media page for your business itself is essential for building personality and brand. But, that’s not the best way these sites can help you. Instead, you should focus on social media adverts. Sites like Facebook target adverts to users, ensuring they reach a relevant audience. And, with more than half the UK population logging on, ads here are sure to get traffic moving.


If you haven’t already, you should start a blog on your page. Many businesses are now taking this route, and with good reason. For one, it helps with that old SEO chestnut. Google favour informative content. If your blog posts are relevant and interesting, you stand a better chance of impressing them. And, a blog will drive clientele which may never have discovered you otherwise. Work on relevant and clickbait style blog post titles to ensure more people visit your page than ever before.