The Ultimate Website Manifesto

You will find a lot of articles online supporting how important it is to have a good website. After all, they are the first thing most customers and clients will come across. But do you actually know what a good website is? Well, it’s a site that’s effective and efficient for the purposes it’s designed for. It’s also something you can get if you do the following things.

The end of static sites?

Historically there has been a trend towards companies, big and small, choosing static sites. These are websites that are like brochures online. They have been popular because they provide a space on the web for the customer’s to review products, but are way cheaper than paying for a site with interactivity.

However, most users are coming to expect something more than this traditional model. That means to keep pace with the demands of the current market, sites should be more dynamic. You can do this by providing access to log in areas and retail options as a minimum. Although sites that have a specific functionality like web applications are even better.

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Something that your website should also do is reinforce the branding and image of your company. This will mostly be in the visual dimension of things including headings, borders, logos, and the like.

But it also crosses over into the content side of things with the way your images and videos are produced for display on your site. As well as the tone of the written pieces you show, including even the smallest of details, like product descriptions.

Remember that a good website should be integrated seamlessly into your brand and image, site as well as anything in the physical world.

QA Testing

To get a good website, like any piece of software you need to ensure that you test it thoroughly first. This will ensure that it runs the way is should and does the things it’s meant to do.

It’s vital to do this, as it doesn’t matter if you have the flashiest website ever if it doesn’t work properly it is going to put your customers and other users off. This is something that can be devastating in today’s economy where customers don’t even have to go down the street to visit your competitors, as they are only a click away.

Luckily, professional companies like QASymphony specialize in this area. So contact them for some help before your site launches for real.


Being user-friendly is really a watchword in the website industry at the moment. But what does it actually mean? Well, it refers to how easy the site is to use, both for your customers and for your staff.

The idea is that the site efficiently conveys your message and the functionally you wish to offer to these groups. Such as searching, ordering, stock checking, and purchasing. To do this, you will need to ensure that you provide things like search boxes and advanced searches where users can narrow down their search terms. As well as simple categories, and chat boxes to support any real time issues, they are having.