Triumfant Offering the Next Breed of APT Detection Tools

An advanced persistent threat brings in a large and costly data breach and can easily dodge traditional security measures. But fortunately, the constant research and innovations have helped us respond effectively to these damages. The new breed of APT detection tools offer prior research and a thorough APT detection. These new generation tools are successful in providing built-in methodologies that can safeguard your network data and intellectual property. They follow through the sophisticated algorithms and correlation functions to identify malicious changes. They are efficient enough to eye on each host machine and analyses the process for remedial action.

For the cyber safety, it is important that you be aware of the latest advancements in APT. APT malwares are now equipped well to evade detection from conventional security measures like Web gateways, firewalls, endpoint protection platforms etc.


Current day’s APTs are organized, methodical and are difficult to be detected at network administrators’ level. Therefore, nonetheless the detection tools provide an early detection and a real-time reporting the APTs might disappear through the system. So there is a need to incorporate security threat intelligence to your network to use the best-practice mechanisms to combat APTs. So when you are out to decide upon your APT detection tool consider the below. The tools today offer safety to your network in relation to the below:

  • These new breed of tools are capable of performing in-depth network traffic analysis and monitoring. They can detect and investigate about those incidents that may have faced an APT attack. Also these tools have effective solutions for efficient responses and investigations.
  • With the payload analysis these applications can also provide reports about malware behavior
  • The Endpoint Security and Control correlates behavior analysis and blocks malware for ATA defense.
  • These can act as endpoint security tools so thatit can find hidden malware and irregular activities to know more about the attacker behavior.

All this requires advanced level inspections, analytics and modelling along with an easy implementation. These generation next tools use big data technologies, analytics and mathematical modeling techniques to detect APT attackers.

They have a big data analytics and algorithms; they can analyze network behavior and differentiate normal activities. They work with a developed knowledge of latest attack vectors; hacker tools etc. Also a few of these new breed APT detectors can work like a “forensic case” in just a few hours. So instant detection, rapid analysis, automated remediation and predictive prevention are all carried out by the current day detection tools which are hard to bypass.