Use this Amazing Online Food App to Order Quality Dishes

The human lifestyle has become more simplified with the introduction of technology. We can now perform various activities with the click of a button. The online shopping portals have emerged as a successful source to order products sitting at home. What about food? Can we order multiple cuisines using the internet? If you think the question is crazy then you are mistaken as food can be easily ordered online. An amazing new application named TinyOwl has been launched which aims at simplifying the task of ordering food at home using the internet as a medium. This app has been successful in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. People might refer to it as Zomato alternative but this app has much more advanced features.

This online food app was first launched in Mumbai and due to a positive response the company spread its market to other cities. TinyOwl has been rated as an efficient app that helps to place food orders which are delivered on time. The company now holds expansion plans in other major towns and cities in the country. This app is the best for those people who love to explore different cuisines.


The Effective Uses of TinyOwl App

There might be times when you don’t want to cook food at home. Most people contact restaurants and eating joints in such situations to order food. Other might visit the place to pick up the delivery. This task might consume a lot of time. One can use the TinyOwl app for acquiring delicious food from the nearest restaurants in town. The app offers a convenient platform where the customer can place his/her food order from the various eating destinations just by sitting at home using their mobile phones. You can also select the restaurant of your choice in any part of the city using TinyOwl.

Understandable Interface

This online food app holds the most basic interface. TinyOwl has an impressive home page with all the required features available in a well arranged manner. You can operate the app comfortably to place your food order within no time.

Linked Restaurants

This app has grown quite famous in Mumbai, Hyderabad and few more cities. TinyOwl is linked with different food joints and restaurants in these cities. The users have a wide option of multiple cuisines from which they can make a selection. The customer is offered with a list of quality restaurants along with their menu cards.

Mode of Payment

The payment for the orders can be done through credit and debit cards. One can also pay the bills using PayTM wallet. Cash-on-delivery is another convenient payment option that is offered by some of the restaurants.

Tracking Order and Customer Care

Once you place the order the app provides with an estimated delivery time. Along with this you can also track your order as time-to-time updates are available. TinyOwl holds an effective team of professionals who can be contacted when you have any query or complaint regarding your orders or the app.

Final Words

Enjoy your time at home by ordering some mouth-watering and savoring dishes using the TinyOwl app. This app helps you connect to the best and exclusive eateries in your city. This is no Zomato alternative in fact this is a smarter and easy-to-use app that helps you get food within a minimum time. Download and install this app today to experience a wonderful and bellyful time at home. You can learn more about this app by contacting the customer support. The contact details for your queries and complaints are available on the app itself.