Watch TV on Your Mobile Phone with DISH Anywhere Mobile App

Get DISH anywhere! Is it true??? You can virtually take DISH TV anywhere you wish – in your wallet, pocket or hand! It is so amazing!!! If you have a 4G or 3G connection or high speed internet connectivity, you can enjoy huge lot of TV programs and shows right in your mobile phone. Your iPhone or iPad can turn onto a TV set.


Getting bored standing on a queue in the airport? Watch your favorite game in your iPhone! DISH Anywhere mobile apps enable you to take the pleasure of online streaming. Now, you can even watch pre-recorded DVD contents on your mobile device. With this mobile application, you can have the comfort of your home anywhere.

DISH Anywhere Mobile App for Free


This mobile application proves that TV and internet connection can go hand in hand. Watching TV over the internet connection! Havre you ever though this could be possible? DISH has proved it and brought the whole range of TV entertainment on the mobile phone – an Android device, iPad or iPhone.

Download this app on your iPhone or Android device and keep yourself entertained always! DISH is the only satellite TV service provider which lets you have fun from numerous On Demand channels, your DVR recordings and live channels. Hence, you have no chance to miss anything now…

Have to attend a meetings urgently and cannot watch your favorite movie telecasted on any of the popular DISH Network channels? Don’t feel sad! There is nothing to lose now. Take a break from your meeting and watch the live channels from DISH right on your iPad or Android device. Isn’t this really exciting for you?

How can you have pleasure of all these exciting channels? Get the Hopper, having broadband internet connectivity, with Sling technology or connect Sling adapter to the Hopper having broadband internet, 722k HD DVR and ViP 722. So, now whether you are traveling on your car or sitting in your living room, you can watch your DVR contents and live TV shows with DISH Anywhere Mobile App. The only satellite TV that allows you to take your TV anywhere.


Let’s see what the greatest offerings of this wonderful app are… However, having a wireless internet connection is a must for having the enjoyment of the apps. The app enables you to –

  • Control your DVR receiver
  • Search through the entire program guide
  • Manage and schedule the DVR recording according to your convenience
  • Enjoy all the contents of your DVR recorded programs even on the go
  • Watch the numerous On Demand titles
  • Have fun of watching all the live TV channels

What more do you want? High grade TV entertainment is brought to your hand by DISH! For browsing the guide and scheduling the recordings of your TV contents, you do not have to stay at home. You can do it from anywhere.

Hence, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download DISH Anywhere App for your mobile phone!

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