Why is Private Cloud Hosting the Best Solution For Small and Big Enterprises?

Cloud hosting originates from the most innovative and effective computing technologies, which allows uncountable number of machines to behave as one system. Other hosting services generally depend on just one machine while cloud hosting solutions are guaranteed by a various number of servers. These cloud-hosting securities allow a simple integration of spare resources like RAM or space. Hence, they enable the growth of the website.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting
  1. Peak level of website performance assured by multiple machines
  2. Guaranteed server resources (CPU, RAM)
  3. No single point of failure
  4. Redundant data storage
  5. Generous features and lower pricing
  6. Website growth flexibility
Types of Cloud Hosting
  1. Public cloud hosting
  2. Private cloud hosting
  3. Hybrid cloud hosting
  4. Community cloud hosting

However, here we are going to talk about the two main types – Public and Private.


Public Cloud Hosting

These services are available for the general public by the service provider hosting the cloud infrastructure. Usually, public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon AWS possess and control the cloud infrastructure and also give access to internet. This model doesn’t allow the customers to know or control the location of the infrastructure. It should be known that all the public cloud customers have the similar infrastructure pool possessing limited configuration, available vagrancies and security protections.

Customers of public cloud get benefited by the economies of scale, as the costs of infrastructure are divided by all the users. This allows each and every client to work on a low-cost and pay-as-you-go model.

Moreover, public cloud services are generally larger in scale as compared to any in-house enterprise cloud. This way client is provided with flawless, on-demand scalability. The public clouds provide the highest level of effectiveness in the shared resources. Moreover, these are a way more vulnerable as compared to be private clouds.

Private Cloud Hosting

It is a cloud infrastructure, which is dedicated to a certain organization. These allow the corporatists and businesses to own application in the storage clouds, while addressing concerns related to data control and security, which usually lacks in a public cloud infrastructure. It is never shared with any other organizations. It can be hosted internally or externally by some third party.

Undertaking a project for the private clouds requires a particular level and a degree of engagement for observing the business environment. Moreover, the organization will have to re-evaluate the decisions about the existing resources. These are costlier than the private ones, however, are also a lot better if we talk about security facilities.

Majority of the IT professional will go for the public cloud hosting to keep their website secure. There are a number of services like the private cloud hosting provided by ESDS software solution which can provide you will the best solutions. They provide you with all features offering best security and total control over your website.

There is a lot more information about the cloud hosting security. However, the above-mentioned points are enough for an individual to take a baby step in this field.

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